An Appeal for The Portal Collective

The first big job I had, I loved. The people and the place.

That was until the MD tried to grow it too fast to get it ready to sell. When the finances didn’t add up he made a bunch of people redundant without a second thought.

I never wanted to create a business like that.

The Portal Collective isn’t a business I’m building up to sell. This is a movement that I’m facilitating.

It’s a movement away from the business bros and the millionaire marketeers.

It’s a finger up to Elon and Zuck.

A space where knowledge intertwines with collective imagination to create new, liberated and just worlds. Where the whole is as important as every single part. Where we can ground in self care and collaborate for community care. Where we come in circle together for all the emotions we’re riding during these times. Where we can access the resources we need to help us take action for the climate and join workshops on the recommended reading to keep us open to new possibilities.

I cannot hold this alone anymore. I’m looking for financial help from our community.

You may have recently seen me offering new services which I have had to do for cashflow but after much reflection I know I cannot do it.

Working on course creation is something I love to do but it is majorly time intensive and doing it at a discounted rate, whilst needed in these first few stages, renders the business paralysed as all my time is funnelled into that. Instead;

✔️ My time can be spent speaking with our current members on what they want and need from the platform, attending essential meetings with our developers, working with a financial consultant to get pitch ready, attending those pitches + getting the message of The Portal’s vision out there through interviews and marketing and networking with potential investors.
✔️ We will be able to do more on The Portal Collective sooner, for example set up and run various charity fundraisers after the success of our first. (I have 15 offers sat in my inbox of people wanting to host something to raise money for Gaza and I currently have no time to action any of them. This is a real loss for the collective.)
➕ Having people donate is yet more evidence of market need which will contribute to the likelihood of finding funding asap.

You may want to know what this looks like and there is a lot of detail elsewhere that I will be adding to the site tonight. But as some examples:

6 weeks:
  • Current Founding Member spaces and offers are completed
  • The development of the tool begins so you can create and manage content yourself
  • We hire a developer to improve on the current community functionality along with other feature requests on the roadmap
  • Marketing will substantially increase to drive more traffic including ads, new site copy and SEO optimisation
  • Increase hours with our VA and course builder so more done for you and Founding Members can be welcomed in

6 months:
  • First iteration of the tool at Beta pricing launches
  • Continue pitching for investment for next round of development
  • Done for you service grows, taking on Customer Success Manager and another course builder
  • Platform build designed with native communications (no more Zoom!)
6 years:
  • The Portal Collective becomes employee owned
  • In real life events and retreats
  • Open source technology meaning others can build with it for free

I’m looking for £25,000 to get me through these next three months. That means we need 1000 people to donate £25. Obviously, it could be less and it could be more.

Who am I?
I’ve worked in tech and elearning for over 16 years (so I know what I’m doing) and my husband is a teacher. I have two children aged 2.5 and nearly 6.

Childcare to keep Oden in nursery takes half of what I pay into the family pot, the rest contributes to the mortgage and the ever increasing food bill. We cannot afford for me to not be paid and everything else goes into the business. (Often there isn’t much else.)

I live a very comfortable life and am privileged, absolutely. But unfortunately scaling a tech startup requires a lot more than what I can give alone. The hours I have to work without children are 9.30 - 3 and I work most early mornings before they wake, the evenings and a lot of weekends.

Which is my way of saying I do not come from any money and cannot lean on anyone as I build this. I have built this from scratch from an idea when I felt the current options weren’t good enough. I am now looking to my community for a jumpstart so I can continue to work for you in the best way possible.

I don’t want to be a millionaire. My family and I are happily in this little permaculture bungalow for life.

But building this for us all is everything to me and it’s all I think about and work on. I am wholly dedicated to creating this space for new worlds. For changing the way we do business and helping you do the same.

With your support I can move to the next stage with the space and energy it requires.