The Soulful Human Space

A welcoming, supportive monthly membership for women and non-binary folk,
who want to lead imperfect, embodied, spiritual lives.
Hannah Rzysko

I’ve felt that collective longing…

The longing to return home to our bodies, hearts and soulful nature.

  • The longing to reconnect to the ancientness that runs through us.
  • The longing to walk alongside other soulful, imperfect humans as we learn, grow and take care of ourselves.
  • The longing for support in bringing that into our everyday REAL LIVES, where it matters most and where we spend most of our time!
  • Because navigating being human in this disconnected, busy & confusing world, can feel so friggin challenging!

And I’m guessing if you’re here… you’ve felt it too.
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Below you'll find our upcoming gatherings along with access to our community space. In the meantime, here is a meditation I recommend you begin our time together with. 

Upcoming gatherings

Come say hi in the Community. 

This is a private space for us to gather our thoughts.

I'll be dropping into the community space every other day to answer and guide with anything that is coming up for you.


I am a trauma-informed, Somatic Healing Therapist & Embodied Life Coach. I create important spaces for women and non-binary folk to:

  • regather who they truly are
  • safely integrate trauma and rewrite conditioning from their past
  • build a powerful and trusting relationship to themselves
  • prioritise their needs without shame or guilt
  • show up in their relationships, communities and the wider collective with heart and integrity
  • lead resourced, resilient lives within a busy, complex world.

I weave in my background in mental health, heart-brain coherence (HeartMath), Emotional Freedom Technique, energetics & Yoga Therapy to support the WHOLE MULTI-FACETED HUMAN.

I believe as a collective, we are waking up and are ready to challenge the ways in which we've been told "life should be lived". And through the wisdom of the body and nervous system, we can rewrite these narratives for ourselves and the generations that follow.

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