Portal Jumping 101

Are you a pretty normal human looking to take a hop, skip and a jump through a Portal, probably on Sunday?

With my 6 step guide, you'll achieve just that and maybe even a smidgen more. 
(This is a demo course and is not to be taken seriously)
Portal Penny

There's a way that mirrors can be portals towards vanity, but there are also ways they can be portals towards self-reflection and understanding.

Fab Moretti (he's from The Strokes)
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Hello Pickle

I'm Portal Penny and it's my mission to guide you on your way through the realms of other places. Together we'll launch ourselves into ditches of dungeons and make love with stinging nettles in the process. 

The concept of Portals is not based in reality as far as current scientific understanding goes. However, in theoretical physics and science fiction, the idea of wormholes is sometimes used as a theoretical construct that could function as a kind of Portal.

A wormhole is a speculative structure that could create a tunnel-like shortcut through spacetime, connecting two separate points that could be far apart in space or time.

With you,
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